2020: A Year In Review

2020 is over. What did I do?

2020: A Year In Review

At the beginning of 2020 I set out a number of goals.  They were an assortment of different tasks from travelling, developing applications and reading books.  As the list was forced to evolve throughout the year due to unpredictable circumstances.  I have decided to take a look at my accomplishments in 2020 and the areas I wish to improve for 2021.  Let's start with the areas of accomplishment.


  • Brewed four homemade beer recipes; created a nice pilsner and used homemade beer to make some micheladas
  • Brewed three different mead recipes; the raspberry mead is incredible!
  • Bottled two wine kits
  • Using my logo from fiverr, I have a sweatshirt, coasters and cup now!
  • Started my homebrewing website, it should be up and running shortly.


  • read three books, two books on Katimavik and one from the Ender's series (Ender's Game series)
  • started three more books, all between 30% and 70% complete!


  • Wrote thirteen blog posts for the year.  I was hoping to write twelve.  Mission Accomplished!


  • Migrated the blog from build-a-blog platform to ghost blog
  • built build-a-blog platform
  • built a preliminary version of Most Hosts and decommissioned it.
  • built seanland-bot on telegram and rocket.chat; both a still works in progress, but do have some functionality
  • built seanland-app; app used for managing connections, updates, and running scripts.  Project is still ongoing.
  • Numerous work projects and home projects fine tuned.


  • Only two trips at the beginning of the year; Dallas and New Orleans - travelled while safe.


  • Attended Cloud Training at the beginning of the year in Texas
  • Attended first CPX conference in New Orleans
  • Developed a guide for installing firewall policy using telegram
  • Promoted and role change.
  • Focused learning on Cloud and Hacking, will continue into 2021


Areas to Improve

Productivity wise, this year has not been so bad, however, it has also not been that easy; most specifically, travel.  If 2020 went as planned, I would currently be in Tanzania ascending Mount Kilimanjaro.  As someone, who looks forward to the next international adventure 2020 was difficult; 2021 might not even be that much better.  I was surprised how difficult it was to even plan a camping trip; which also didn't end up happening.  I do not have much control over travel currently, but hopefully this can improve in 2021.

In 2021, I also hope to complete more projects and books.  As per usual, there are a lot of tasks that are started.  The real achievement is in completing something.

Aside from these two points, I would also just like to stay focused and positive.


2020 has not been easy for anyone.  Just like everything in life; it is all a matter of taking what you have and making it into something.

I wanted to start 2020 off differently.  I took the time at the beginning of the year to rebuild my office area, hopefully, the change of scenery kicks 2021 off on the right foot!