The Ant Farm as of August 18, 2020

The Ant Farm is the name of the raspberry pi server farm.  All of the list applications below are self-hosted on raspberry pis.  Each raspberry pi, or "Ant" has a purpose.  The Ants will be modified, tweaked and evolve as the services and technology changes.  

The infrastructure is built on the below hardware.


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Web Application Server
- Hosts Seanland Blog, Tracker and Gitea
32gb MicroSD


Raspberry Pi B+
Manager Server
- Used for Centralised Scripts and Health Checks
- VPN Server
32gb MicroSD


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Bot and Chat Server
- Rocket Chat Server
- SeanlandBot Chat Bot
32gb MicroSD, 128gb USB


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Media Server
- JellyFin
- Internet Radio
32gb MicroSD, 128gb USB


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Backup and Archive Server
- Periodic Backup and Archive Scripts
- Samba Service
32gb MicroSD, 1tb Portable HDD, 4tb Desktop HDD


Raspberry Pi B+
Testing Server
32gb MicroSD

This page will be a living reference to the Ants.  As more Ants are added or services added to Ants, this page will change.