The Ant Farm

The Ant Farm as of August 18, 2020

The Ant Farm is the name of the raspberry pi server farm with one windows server.  All of the list applications below are self-hosted on raspberry pis.  Each raspberry pi, or "Ant" has a purpose.  The Queen is the main processing Windows Server.  The Ants will be modified, tweaked and evolve as the services and technology changes.  

The infrastructure is built on the below hardware.


i7-3770k, 16gb ram, GTX 760
File and Processing Server
- Airsonic
- JellyFin
- File Server
18tb Hard Drive Pool


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Web Application Server
- Hosts Seanland Blog, Tracker and Gitea
32gb MicroSD


Raspberry Pi B+
Management Server
- Used for Centralized Scripts and Health Checks
- VPN Server
32gb MicroSD


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Bot and Chat Server
- Rocket Chat Server
- SeanlandBot Chat Bot
32gb MicroSD, 128gb USB


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Media Server
- Internet Radio
32gb MicroSD, 128gb USB


Raspberry Pi 4B+
Backup and Archive Server
- Periodic Backup and Archive Scripts
- Samba Service
32gb MicroSD, 1tb Portable HDD


Raspberry Pi B+
Testing Server
32gb MicroSD

This page will be a living reference to the Ants.  As more Ants are added or services added to Ants, this page will change.