Operation: 2020

New Year. New Blog. New Projects. New Goals. The live list of goals for the year 2020. Updates and changes will be made as the year goes on to monitor the path to completing these tasks.

Here we are. The beginning on 2020, a fresh start. I started off the year bringing build-a-blog into a 'workable' state. I am using the term 'workable' very loosely. I can post, I can generate the site and you can read it, if you choose to do so. I am looking to set expectations for this blog as well as my 2020. Here we are at Operation 2020.

Meeting Expectations

It is easy to ignore your own expectations. If you are the only one watching and you fail - who cares. I would like to set goals that are attainable. I would like show the world that I can 'do this'. Why?

I would like to improve. I would like to get better at all aspects of my life. I want to learn. I enjoy gaining skills and being able to do things. My goals will be based on all the activities and dreams I wish to conquer. I like to share my thoughts and ideas. I hope that people reading this find them informative, useful, entertaining and just upright motivating.

I have nothing to lose by making this blog, if anything I have already succeeded in completing a project.

Setting the Bar

What do I want to do in 2020.


  • Brewing
    • make a habanero IPA
    • force carbonate bottles
    • create one recipe from scratch Q1
    • try adding a fruit/spice to a beer (aside from habanero)
  • Self-Sufficiency
    • learn a new dying skill (knitting, carving, etc.) Mead in Q1
    • create tea from homegrown mint leaves
    • make ginger beer (alcoholic / non-alcoholic)
  • Travel
    • visit 4 countries
    • visit 2 brand new countries
    • visit 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Reading
    • I would like to read at least 2 books. 1 in Q1


  • Career
    • make at least $1 online
    • attend at least one corporate training Q1
    • attend a network session out of workplace
  • Blogging
    • enhance the build-a-blog platform
    • write at least 12 blogs posts over the year
  • Building
    • build keezer
    • build an aeroponics system
  • Growing
    • set up indoor spearmint grow operation Q1


  • Ball Hockey Scripts
    • create an infograph using the data from the scripts
  • Conceptual
    • complete at least one conceptual project Q1
  • WeeLeague
    • release a WeeLeague MVP
    • obtain at least one WeeLeague customer
  • Revivals
    • bring 3 old projects to life


  • Media
    • create and post a video and/or podcast
    • become more active on both twitter and reddit
    • continue to be active on LinkedIn
    • Post 100 Tweets! (Note: 53 tweets prior to 2020)
  • explore more self-hosted options Q1

The Live List

This list will be alive! I will constantly come back to change and update this post. This is where I debate sorting posts by update or publish date.

to be continued...