Q2 in Review

The second quarter has come to a close. Let's see where we stand this far in the year.

I believe the key to progress is staying on track on focusing on what you are trying to accomplish. There have been numerous projects that have just died off to the way side due to numerous reasons. This blog and status updates will hopefully improve that track record.

January 2nd, 2020 I posted the Operation 2020 blog post. If you have not read that post you may wish to check that out first. That is where I had set my goals out for the year. It is not the original, check the repository for the modifications that have been made over time. Also, if you like the blog make your own with the code. The code for the posts and blog are open source.

Q2 has come to a close, here are the notes and updates.


  • Hobbies
    • Created two more recipes from scratch. Also have a jalapeno lime recipe prepared
    • Four batches of mead continue to age. I am hoping to bottle them soon
    • One more book down! Finished "I am a Teenage Katimavictim"
    • Dehydrating!! Created some spearmint tea
  • Personal
    • This post will be the ninth of the year
  • Projects
    • Nothing has been focused on in this section
  • Tech
    • Social media activity has been fairly consistent
    • Created a few YouTube videos
    • Set up streaming on both YouTube and Twitch - do not believe I will continued
      • Creating tutorials and videos may be a consideration

This post was created as a replica of Q1. It marks all the achievements.