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Digitzing Your Life, Old Habits Modernized

Published: 05-24-2020

Simplify your life by moving towards a digital platform. Here are some ways digitization has been helping me along the way...

Back To Windows

Published: 05-18-2020

After three months I have returned to Windows. It is not a full change as I have just ordered another Solid State in order to dual boot. Read on to find out more...

Q1 in Review

Published: 04-09-2020

The first quarter of the year is done. Time to take a look at what was accomplished.

Operation 2020

Updated: 04-09-2020

Published: 01-02-2020

New Year. New Blog. New Projects. New Goals. The live list of goals for the year 2020. Updates and changes will be made as the year goes on to monitor the path to completing these tasks.

How Reading Books Helps You As A Developer

Published: 03-21-2020

Reviewing the ways reading can help you in your day to day life as a developer (same applies for anyone in IT).

Secure Your Self Hosting!

Published: 03-07-2020

Home internet is getting faster. Gigabit internet is readily available to home users. With privacy concerns and the ability to do so, self hosting is now becoming a viable option. How do you secure yourself?

Free From Windows

Published: 02-13-2020

By formatting my desktop and the untimely death of my Windows tablet, I am now completely using Linux for my day to day life.

Announcing Most Hosts

Published: 02-05-2020

Announcing my first product and providing updates on my 2020 goals.