The Closet: Not a Horror Movie

Six days before baby Emilia was born we encountered a sneaky, deadly, infectious nemisis lurking in our closet. Mold. It had been the result of a slow leak from a bathroom renovation the year prior; one drop at a time every shower for an entire year.

This is going to be a picture heavy post, well, only five pictures.

The reveal, up close
The reveal, taking a few steps back

The mold was discovered March 24, 2024. We immediately vacated the room and lock it down to prevent the circulation of spores. The living room became our new home. We reach out to our contractor who helped us with the bathroom hoping he had experience addressing these types of issues. He's coming from out of town and is available March 30th. "Perfect, see you then!".

March 30th comes around, here I am sitting in the hospital waiting for Emilia to enter the world trying to chase down Patrick, my brother, at 6am to meet the contractor, as we won't be leaving the hospital any time soon. Patrick spends the better part of the day supporting the team to ensure Emilia has a mold free come to come to.

No more mold, but, a lot more work.

Now, the ball is in my court. The mold is contained and removed, there is a blank canvas of a closet in front of me. The original plan was to replace the carpet, however, Patrick convinced it might just be better long term to add a non-carpet flooring, so we do.

Not before, I sand down the walls - something I always spend too much time and make a huge mess doing - and give the closet a fresh coat of paint. The colour of choice, is whatever can is the most full in the basement. I think it is the same colour as our bathroom, but, I am not even sure. Two and a bit coats later...

Diana, starts builidng out her vision of the closet using the IKEA Closet builder. I am then tasked with building out mine. We submit our $3000, 800lb pound order that requires one shipment and one trip to the closest IKEA warehouse. Once it arrives, I spend any spare bits of time cleaning and building...

Two months from the original discovery date, here we are.

Completed closet, empty
Completed closet, full

We are back in the room and living a normal, but, different life with a third human being in the house. I have way more usable space than I ever had, as well as a structured, organization for all my different pieces and styles of clothing. As an example, I have a specific section for my growing collection of Leafs (read about me trying to flip my tickets) jerseys!


This project made me feel capable of doing anything. It was a great experience and I do still have a lot to learn, however, it was quite an accomplishment. Not that it was overly difficult or complicated, more so the scale, time to complete and finalization of the project (Right, the baseboards aren't done. That wasn't in scope, wink). his project will have pave the path for the other projects planned for Seanland.