Project: Office Shed

We are up to Day 9 of #100DaysToOffload, pacing a little slower than I would like, but, there is still time! There is also no lack of content! I will need to build off of my first sale, stay up to date on projects (like this post), spew out the millions of other things running through my head and just remain focused on continually writing.

The first major project (refer back here) that I will be undertaking is the office. My work sanctuary away from home. Well, my play sanctuary away from home as well. This will be space I will work my day job from; not to be confused with the workshop space in the garage, I will have for my woodworking and lasering projects.

What Do We Have?

We have a structure. An 80+ year old, former chicken coop, readapted to a insulated storage shed to be transformed into the "Office Shed" or as Jacob would like to put it the "Gaming Room". It does have two windows, one of which is operaable for some fresh air.

The Top Down Measurements

What is that square in the middle of the drawing you ask? Well, that is - most likely - structural support. Why is it there? I am not sure, which is probably the most concerning part. It doesn't seem to be the size to require a support pillar in the middle of it.

Call it a feature or a bug! Let's call it a feature, we are going to work with it and turn it into a support wall; creating an office and a lounge!

The Front

The Outside of the Shed

The sliding doors have grown on me, not sure if the colour has yet. It definitely needs a wash down and some accenting features, maybe a lawn gnome or a frog, potentially an "on-air" light? I don't have any real plans for the exterior at this time except maybe a wash down with a power washer and some sort of footer to prevent tiny rodents from finding a home.

The one, super cool idea that will happen, is adding that double side glass tint to the door. I will be taking down the blinds and putting that reflective tint. That should give it a nice darkened effect on the inside and hopefully help to manage the temperature internally.

The Inside of the Shed

Taking a step in, yes, it does require a lot of work. The obvious thing to point out is the oil of the floor. That is where the generator used to be store. The carpet will be pulled and the floor will be finished. I am thinking some sort of flooring comparable to what I used in the closet project. It is cheap and comfy, especially when you throw down some bean bag chairs!

The Office

Looking through the imaginary wall, this side is coined "the office". This will be the section, where I have my work monitors, a little space for electronic projects and some pictures to create a lovely, real life, zoom backdrop.

The View of the Office Space

Ideally, I am looking at turningn the wall into some sort of simple shelf storage. I am playing with the idea of tiny shelves, a mini hidden fridge (basically a fan on a plate to pull away heat, like the silly usb fridges that were a fad in the early 00s) or a hidden bar. Maybe I will end up doing a little of all three.

The Lounge

The fun space. The place to go on a cool summer night, when the fire pit isn't in use, or there is a light drizzle and you just want chill. Pulling out a fizzy beverage and just letting the games, shows or movies take you away from the real world for a short period of time.

The Views of the Lounge Space

Mounting a larger TV on the wall, having some consoles, or maybe a HTPC to play games on the television, or do we add the GPD G1 dock up to it? Is there going to be a second smaller screen to multi task playing games and watching the Leafs play (plug about me flipping playoff tickets)? What is max capacity? I think having 4 people comfortable fit would be ideal, maybe it has to be two? Maybe there is a vision of a swing wall to shrink the office to nothing and expand the area?

The Vision

Is to have a space, then a space within a space. This is an attempt to work more freely away from my basement, as well as, have more fresh air and accessibility to the outdoors when geeking out. I mean, obviously, leaving the basement isn't physically that difficult, but, that is not the hard part. There is always something to do along the way. It isnt' a place to focus. Simply being here, while it is empty, waiting for the fence to be put up, I am so much more productive, a lot of the reason comes from - what I suspect is - my vacationing mind. This space eliminates the flaws of the basement.

Have an idea? Feel free to reach out, would love to hear you thoughts!